Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Jason reviews 2007 by the numbers

2007 is in the books. Here's how it broke down:

Number of movies each day:

Check out that spike of 10 movies in one day--new personal record! I should clarify that this counts feature-length programs seen on the big screen in some public venue. So a program of 10 short films counts as 1 movie, as does a feature film preceded by a short film. Sometimes the distinction can be murky. "Grindhouse" I counted as 1 movie, although in some markets and on DVD they're released as 2 movies. If I counted it as 2 movies, that would add 2 to my total (since I saw it twice--multiple screenings of the same movie count each time). Some of the nights at the Vortex room get kind of murky--I've already decided it counts as a big screen public venue, but how do you count a TV show, followed by shorts and trailers, followed by a feature film. What if I pass out drunk for much of the night, can I still count the movies that played in that room while I was out (answer: no). Ah, Vortex, you make my mathematics so difficult, but I do my best.

Finally, which day to count a midnight movie is kind of arbitrary. Usually I count it as belonging to the night before (so a movie starting at midnight Saturday night/Sunday morning would count as a Saturday movie). However, for midnight movie marathons that go well into the next morning, I count them all as belonging to the day that's beginning. In particular, that spike of 10 movies started with a six movie midnight-to-noon marathon, followed by 4 more movies later that day, all counted as Sunday, Oct 7. I suppose I could reasonably count the first of that marathon as belonging to Saturday, Oct. 6, giving me a total of only 9 on Sunday, Oct. 7. Then I'd only tie my old record, instead of breaking it. Except that my old record was set with the help of the same midnight movie marathon the year before, so if I counted consistently my old record would be 8 and my new one would be 9. Whatever, I'm sure by now nobody cares by me.

Here's a comparison of how 2007 compared to the previous 2 years, as a rolling average. I'm steadily increasing my movie watching. At this rate, I estimate in 2008 I'll see about a million movies.

Here's how my movies per day breaks down as a histogram:

A total of 431 movies (feature-length programs). Also a new record, and the first time I've ever exceeded one movie per day average for the whole year. But of greater note is the fact that I spent a full 183 days not watching movies. And that means I spent only 182 days actually watching a movie. So, for people who think I'm crazy and/or watch too many movies and/or don't have time for a social life and can't be there for my friends...numbers don't lie--the majority of the time I am not watching a movie (I'll grant, it's a razor-thin majority).

And that's 2007. I'll leave you with this thought. Is it a sign of addiction that I keep careful track of the numbers, but my year-end roundup says nothing about the best or worst movies I
saw? It's mainly because I really can't make that decision. I just don't know.

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