Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Jason sells out

I held on to my integrity for one year and over 10,000 visits, but now I've joined the ranks of people using Google AdSense. Note the ads just below my picture to the right. I expect very little money from them, I'm convincing myself that it's an experiment. What will google choose to advertise on my site. For example, if I write that a movie kinda sucks (like I just did for "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story"), will they still run ads for it, or is their algorithm smart enough to avoid that?

Since it's actually against the AdSense policy to say stuff like "click on those ads!", I'll just say notice those ads and only click if they advertise a product that might interest you. Thank you.


Dadmaniac said...

Not sold out yet. I see no ads today.

puppymeat said...

It took a day. Until they verified my site and decided what content to put up, it was an ad for charity (Katrina relief, I believe). Now I look and I see there's an ad up for Cool, because I know some of the people involved in that (some Cinequest board members).

Again, I can't tell you to click on the ads for my sake, but honestly Jaman is a pretty cool site if you like independent movies and like watching movies on your computer (for me, I say yes to the first but usually no to the second).

Dan said...

Are you familiar with

puppymeat said...

I know nothing of I just perused it a bit and my general impression is it's oriented specifically towards the independent filmmaker. 75% of all sales go back to the filmmaker. They don't seem to have a huge selection yet, it'll be interesting to see how they grow.

Again, I'm not a big fan of watching movies on my computer, which makes me an old fogey.