Thursday, November 6, 2014

Jason goes to Cinema Zone and sees THE TRIAL OF THE INCREDIBLE HULK

Jeff Ross of Indiefest and Mike Keegan of...well, formerly of the Roxie but now of an assortment of bay area movie events (including Indiefest) bring a new weekly event, at an undisclosed location. I didn't stick around for Roger Corman's infamous version of THE FANTASTIC FOUR, but I did see this first one

TRIAL OF THE INCREDIBLE HULK was supposed to be a pilot for a Daredevil TV series that never took off. Bruce David Banner is implicated in a mob crime (he was just stepping in to keep a woman from getting raped and/or murdered, and hulked-out a bit.) So blind lawyer Matt Murdock is his only hope. And the only hope for the entire city against the evil Kingpin (John Rhys-Davies.) But the whole time I'm thinking that you can't put this guy on trial. You especially can't put him on the witness stand becaus...[wait for it]...he's not credible!

Thank you, that is all.

Running Time: 100 minutes
My Total Minutes: 371,458

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