Thursday, November 6, 2014

Jason goes to Niles for a Laurel and Hardy Spoooooooky Afternoon!

HIDE AND SHRIEK (1938): Our Gang has some hilarious adventures in a haunted house, which convinces Alfalfa to quit his Detektive business once and for all (which might be an inside joke, as this was the last of the Our Gang shorts Hal Roach produced.)

THE LIVE GHOST (1934): Laurel and Hardy help a gruff sea captain shanghai a crew, before they are shanghaied themself. The biggest rule on the boat is never utter the word "ghost"--the captain hates that! So when a drunken deckhand falls into a trough of whitewash, ghostly hijinx ensue. Pretty funny.

Then a short intermission, and two more films.

THE TIN MAN (1935): Thelma Todd and Patsy Kelly get lost on the way to a party and end up in a spooky inventor's house. He has created a robot to terrorize guest. Which, in this case turns out not to just be Thelma and Patsy, but escaped convict Blackie Burke. Hi-tech sci-fi hijinx ensue.

OLIVER THE EIGHTH (1934): Stan and Ollie each answer an ad from a rich widow seeking a new husband. Sneaky Ollie throws Stan's letter out, only sending his own. But that's not the real reason he's the only one who gets a reply. In fact, she's specifically looking for an Oliver. All seven of her previous husbands have been Olivers, and they've all died at her hand. A pretty grisly plot for a comedy short, but very funny.

Total Running Time: 76 minutes
My Total Minutes: 370,979

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