Thursday, November 6, 2014

Jason goes to Niles for Baby Peggy's 96th Birthday Party

That's right, I'm friends with an actual silent film star! (And in real life, not just on Facebook. And yes, she goes by the name Diana Serra Cary now.)

First we saw a collection of restored clips from her movies. There's not really anything to summarize or say about it, but it was just cool to see more footage of her at just a couple of years old being a movie star.

And then the birthday cake! Which was beautiful, because it had a picture of her on it, and was delicious, because it was birthday cake.

And finally, CAPTAIN JANUARY (1924): I've seen this over and over again (starting with when I first met Diana six years ago at her 90th birthday party.) And it always gets me. The friendship between the Captain and Jeremiah Judkins (Hobart Bosworth.) The nosy busy-bodies trying to take her away. The tragedy, the comedy, and the beautiful ending. This film always gets me, and it's just beautiful. I like to think I would love it even if I wasn't friends with the star.

Total Running Time: 93 minutes
My Total Minutes: 371,072

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