Friday, November 7, 2014

Jason goes to Jewfest South--Monday, Oct. 27

One movie a couple of Mondays ago, ARABANI is a unique look into the Druze community in Israel. As the opening text explains, they are Islam-ish community, wary of outsiders, and most importantly they don't accept converts. The only way to be a Druze is is both your parents are Druze. So that complicates things for Yoseph and his family. Years ago he left the village, married a Jewish woman, and had two kids. Now they're divorced, he has the kids, and is moving back home. And the neighbors aren't happy. Like, scrawl offensive graffiti on his house, kick his mom out of the mosque, and generally threaten the heck out of him unhappy.

This movie was made for what I assume is a minuscule budget, but is a powerful, intimate window into a world I know nothing about. And the nighttime vigil scene is one of the most powerful and understated scenes I've seen in a while.

Running Time: 87 minutes
My Total Minutes: 371,660

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