Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jason goes to Jewfest--Day 11

Just one movie yesterday (a matinee in Palo Alto,) but it was a great one, HARBOUR OF HOPE. It's the story of Malmö, Sweden, a port where about 30,000 Jews--survivors of the concentration camps--restarted their lives. It's also the story of the Swedish Red Cross, and the brave drivers and nurses in white vans who drove to the concentration camps and rescued the survivors. But mostly, it's the story of Irene, Ewa, and Joe, three survivors whom director Magnus Gertten found and showcased for the film. It's very moving how he shows old archival footage and has the survivors reacting to the footage, recognizing themselves (or their mother--especially in the case of Ewa, who was born in Ravensbrück concentration camp.) Joe Rozenberg (who was there for the screening) is one of the most remarkable, as this film actually reunites him with his good friend in Malmö, who he had lost touch with after he moved away and his friend changed his name.

It's a documentary that showcases the generous spirit of the officially neutral Swedes, and it's a movie that doesn't shy away from the horrors of the Holocaust but prefers to focus on the new beginnings.

Running Time: 76 minutes
My Total Minutes: 295,024

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