Friday, August 3, 2012


Elderly Brits move to a crumbling retirement hotel in Jaipur, India, and wackiness ensues. It's not particularly groundbreaking, but darn if it isn't fun watching a troupe if master thespians practicing their craft in this fish-out-of-water comedy. And it's nice to see an ensemble comedy about the dignity of aging and the possibility of always starting anew. Also, Dev Patel (SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE) is nice as the overenthusiastic but under-skilled dreamer who created the hotel and will totally stand up to his mother and marry his girlfriend as soon as the hotel is profitable. Even the storylines that don't quite work for me (Maggie Smith's conversion from an overt racist, Bill Nighy and Penelope Wilton as an unhappily married couple) are still somewhat enjoyable. And it throws out the occasional witty one-liner that actually made me laugh out loud ("I've still got it...just nobody wants it." or the suggestion to celebrate a wedding anniversary with a moment of silence.) Of course, everything will be okay in the if it's not okay, that means it's not the end.

Running time: 124 minutes
My Total Minutes: 295,416

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