Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Longtime readers know I'm kind of a sucker for time travel movies. And I can enjoy a good quirky-meets-quirky-and-falls-in-love flick, which is what this really is. It's based on an ad for a time-travel companion originally published in Backwoods Home Magazine (the writer of the ad, John Silveira, is credited as "time travel consultant" on the film.) Three magazine writers (actually, one writer and two interns) from Seattle travel to the small town where the ad was published, looking for the guy who wrote it so they can do a story about him. And the one female intern, Darius (Aubrey Plaza) meets the guy, Kenneth (Mark Duplass, who with his brother Jay served as executive producer.) While she's out "training for the mission" and learning about Kenneth (and getting to like him) her boss Jeff (Jake M. Johnson) is really there to hook up with his old high school girlfriend (oh yeah, he grew up in this town.) And the second intern, an Indian biology major and total nerd named Arnau (Karan Soni)...well he doesn't have much to do until Jeff decides to take him out, get him drunk, and get him laid.

Oh yeah, and there's a time travel plot...kinda. The title, SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED, is actually about the dangers of falling in love, not time travel. And, of course, it's kind of based on a true story and time travel isn't real. But that didn't keep me from rooting for it to work in the end. Even in its cheesy moments (especially the ending) I was on board (although I suspect that's when it would lose most people.)

Running Time: 86 minutes
My Total Minutes: 294,948

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