Friday, August 24, 2012

Jason goes to the Dark Room to see The Princess Bride Live!

The Dark Room has built a bit of a local reputation as a place for low-budget, micro-theater comic adaptations of famous movies. And with THE PRINCESS BRIDE being one of the most quotable movies ever, you'd expect it to be a perfect match and lots of fun.

And it is. But here's what I didn't expect:

  1. It draws from the book as well as the movie, and since I haven't actually read the book, that left me with a fair number of surprises.
  2. The interaction of the grandpa/narrator and the characters onstage is a great source of comedy.
  3. The sword fight scene is actually pretty amazing, considering it's on such a tiny stage that they had to use comically short swords (think tiny daggers with full sword handles.
  4. It's sold out, and has been consistently enough that they've added an extra week.
Actually, that last one I did know in advance. And I also knew that the three additional shows next weekend are already sold out of advance tickets. But if you show up early (last night the line started at about 6:30) you can still get tickets at the door. There are five more shows--tonight (Friday, August 25th, 2012) and tomorrow, as well as Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of next week. Catch it while you still can!


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