Saturday, August 4, 2012

Jason celebrates the Vortex Room's 5th anniversary, with MOOCH GOES TO HOLLYWOOD

Well, there was also a continuous loop of Vortex room weirdness on screen, but the actual feature was MOOCH GOES TO HOLLYWOOD.

In case you're counting, that's 6 movies in 4 venues on 1 day. And then I stayed up all night until BART was running again and I caught the first one home. And then I woke up in Dublin/Pleasanton, and transferred to another BART home. This time I made the Bay Fair transfer okay, and I woke up in Union City--going the wrong way. Third times the charm, and I actually made it home. What a night!

Anyway, the Vortex is back after a couple of months of hiatus, and every Thursday of August will showcase more of their weirdness. This was about as crowded as I'd ever seen the Vortex, it was tough to make my way through to the bar for my martinis...and manhattans...and I don't remember what else I drank. I just know I felt bad pretty much all of Friday. Heck, it's 11:45 am on Saturday, and I'm still kinda feeling it.

Oh yeah, as for the movie, MOOCH GOES TO HOLLYWOOD. Higgins the Dog (the first Benji, but playing a bitch in this movie) goes to Hollywood to become a star, with narration by Zsa Zsa Gabor. She meets several celebrities, including Vincent Price, Jill St. John, and Jim Backus, who all take her to the same vet. She gets thrown out of many establishments (I doubt the Humane Society was around to monitor the action.) Oh, and at one time she dances in a g-string at the playboy club. Which doesn't make sense at first, because dogs are normally naked. But when you think about who plays mooch, "she" would have to put on a g-string to cover up "her" doggie wiener. I'm kind of surprised that didn't give me nightmares.

Running Time: 51 minutes
My Total Minutes: 296,008

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