Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jason goes to the Niles Film Museum to see Clara Bow in DANCING MOTHERS

But first, as always, a couple of shorts.

THE AUTOMOBILE RIDE (1921): A Koko the Clown "Out of the Inkwell" story by the Fleischer brothers. Always funny, although I expected something called THE AUTOMOBILE RIDE to involve more of an automobile ride (there was a little, I just expected more.)

DAD'S CHOICE (1928): Did you know Edward Everett Horton (the voice of "Fractured Fairy Tales") goes all the way back to silent film? And he looks young as heck in this, as a young man wooing his girlfriend while trying to avoid her stern father. Little does he know, there's a case of mistaken identity involved, and the old grouch is not, in fact, her father.

Then a brief intermission, and on to the feature.

DANCING MOTHERS (1926): Clara Bow, one year before officially becoming the "It" girl (by starring in, of course,  IT (1927)) is already a flapper, going out and partying every night. Her father, who's a bit of a playboy, is out every night, too. Poor mom is left home alone, wondering how her husband and daughter can be so selfish. That is, until a friend convinces her to get in on the act, and wacky hijinx ensue when mother and daughter fall for the same man. Yikes!

Total Running Time: 93 minutes
My Total Minutes: 296,348

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