Sunday, August 8, 2010

Jason watches TOY STORY 3 in 3-D

Apparently when I was gone for a month the only movies in wide release that I had any interest in watching were animated kids movies (haven't seen DESPICABLE ME yet.) Anyway, this story of what happens to the toys when Andy grows up and goes to college was supposed to be excellent, and really it is. Pixar knows story, and they know how to tug the heartstrings, dammit. My only question, having imperfect memory of TOY STORY 2, was Buzz always in love with Jessie and vice-versa? Because I don't remember that, nor do I think it makes sense.

Oh yeah, and the 3-D really doesn't add anything. I think the one thing that IDIOCRACY got wrong is that ASS: THE MOVIE will be in 3-D. In fact, I'm pretty sure if ASS: 3-D was released today it could win at least one weekend at the box office (assuming no 3-D competition).

Oh, and to all the kids who looked for a review of a TOY STORY 3 and read stuff about're welcome.

Running Time: 103 minutes
My Total Minutes: 192,607

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