Sunday, August 8, 2010

Jason goes to the Niles Film Museum for a Laurel and Hardy afternoon

The monthly "Afternoon With The Boys," hosted by the Midnight Patrol tent of the Sons of the Desert--the official Laurel and Hardy Film Appreciation Society. Today's theme: vacation (vacating, abandoned homes, etc).

ANOTHER FINE MESS (1930): The boys take refuge from the law in a house whose owner is vacationing, and end up having to impersonate him and his servants (a few fast changes by Laurel) in this hilarious short.

THE FIRST ROUND-UP (1934): Our Gang goes camping, and Spanky proves he's big enough to go along.

Then a brief intermission, and we finished with two more shorts.

SCRAM! (1932): Laurel and Hardy are told to leave town by a judge. But they help a drunk find his car keys in the storm drain (drunk driving didn't seem to be much of a taboo back then) and he invites them to spend the night at his place. Too bad he's too soused to recognize his own house.

THREE MEN IN A TUB (1938): And finally, Our Gang in a rousing boat race, as Alfalfa competes for the affections of fair lady Darla.

And that was Sunday at Niles.

Oh, and since no one else is advertising it, there's a special screening courtesy of the Fremont Film Forum. THE LAST DEAL plays next Saturday, August 14 at 4:00 pm. I know nothing about this movie, and I won't actually be able to see it because I'll be going to a Quakes game. But at least I've informed you.

Total Running Time: 69 minutes
My Total Minutes: 193,031

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