Saturday, August 28, 2010

Jason goes to the Niles Film Museum for August Comedy Shorts Night

And might have ended up on 60 Minutes sometimes this October.

You see, they're doing a piece on our local historian, David Kiehn and his work finding the real date of the film A TRIP DOWN MARKET STREET (turns out it wasn't 1905, like the Library of Congress said, it was 1906. In fact, just 4 days before the earthquake). I won't get into what he did to discover and prove it. I'll wait for you to see it, and let you know when it will be as soon as I know. In any case, it's a pretty remarkable story, the camera crew was there filming the show last night, and as a special treat they played the A TRIP DOWN MARKET STREET. I've seen it a few times before, and it's always remarkable to see everyone running across the street, and the one car that circles and comes in frame a half dozen times. Market Street was a pretty hectic thoroughfare back in 1906.

Anyway, on to the regularly scheduled films:
ONE A.M. (1916): Charlie Chaplin playing his drunk character. Remarkable as a one man show, as a drunk Chaplin comes home and wrestles with a rather surreal house that doesn't seem to want to let him sleep. Great showcase of his acrobatic antics.

ONE WEEK (1920): Buster Keaton in one of his best shorts. He and his new wife are given a house as a wedding gift. Trouble is, it comes as a kit, unbuilt. Bigger trouble, the man she turned down to marry Buster messes with the numbers on the kit and they end up with the craziest house ever.

Then a brief intermission, and back to the movies

SATURDAY AFTERNOON (1926): Harry Langdon, the mostly forgotten baby-face comic of pathos gets caught up in a little adventure with his work friend and a couple of fast women. All he needs to do now is avoid his wife.

WE FAW DOWN (19228): And finally, Laurel and Hardy are also hiding from their wives. Initially to go to a poker game, but eventually they get mixed up with a couple of women. Oh, and one of them has a champion boxer as a husband.

And that was last Saturday (wow, a week ago) in Niles.

Total Running Time: 115 minutes
My Total Minutes: 193,616

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