Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jason watches INCEPTION

Or maybe I just dreamed that I did.

Of course, it's amazing. Please don't take my briefest of reviews as anything less than pure enthusiasm. I just don't care about being the thousandth person to write about it on the Internet.

You've heard all about it, so I'm not bothering to rehash the plot, or the philosophical questions, or whether Christopher Nolan's take on the dream-state is at all accurate. I wouldn't know, and that's besides the point anyway (besides, this might all be taking place in Cobb's dream, in which case accurate logic doesn't apply).

I will say that I really liked the idea of "shared dreaming." Isn't that sort of what movies are, anyway?

Oh, and IMAX is beautiful, of course. And this is the first movie in a long time that I have to see again. Not just "would like to," of "would be happy if the opportunity arose." I have to see it again. And given my busy schedule, that will be difficult, but I'll make it happen.

Running Time: 148 minutes
My Total Minutes: 191,813

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