Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jason watches DESPICABLE ME

Hey, what the hell, it was starting right when THE EXPENDABLES ended, obviously the theater wanted me to sneak in and see it. And it pays to keep a pair of 3-D glasses in your pocket for just this situation.

So it's cheesy, very predictable, and doesn't need 3-D. But there's also a certain sense of charm to it. It's pretty obvious Gru isn't cut out to be a super-villain, and his scheme to steal the moon is about as cartoonish as you can get. And of course you know that when he adopts three little girls to help him steal a shrink ray from his rival, he's gonna fall for them and find being a parent is better than being a villain. But the cool parts come from the fact that the girls are actually every bit as cartoonishly evil as he is. The turning point comes in a scene at an amusement park where he blows up a rigged game to get the girls a stuffed unicorn. Cute, but the best part is when the girls get all excited and want to run off and blow up another game. This film is actually a not-very-subtle celebration of the fun of being evil. And I find that...charming.

Running Time: 95 minutes
My Total Minutes: 193,411

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