Sunday, August 8, 2010

Jason sneaks into THE OTHER GUYS

I want to make this very clear. I did not buy a ticket for THE OTHER GUYS. I saw INCEPTION, and it was playing in the screen next door right when INCEPTION ended, like the theater wanted me to see it for free.


I want my money back.

Running Time: 107 minutes
My Total Minutes: 192,862

Addendum: I've decided I should explain more about exactly why this movie sucks. There's a concept in infant developmental psychology called "object permanence." It's the idea that objects continue to exist even if you can't see them. Babies aren't born with this--that's why peek-a-boo works as a game until they master object permanence (then, presumably, it's just a big person acting stupid, which is still funny). THE OTHER GUYS had scattered funny moments, but no object permanence. Or rather, no character permanence. The tough guy decides he likes the wussy assignment. The wuss becomes an excellent cop and cracks the case. The wuss has a tough guy back-story but nothing really comes of it. It's like when they're off-screen for a second, they can reappear as a completely different person. What I'm saying is, THE OTHER GUYS was written and directed with all the intelligence of a newborn.

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