Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jason Watches THE ROAD

Cormac McCarthy, the novelist who wrote NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, also wrote the story behind this movie. And if you thought NO COUNTRY was bleak, you know nothing about bleak. Viggo Mortensen stars as a father who leads his young son through a world that has gone through so/me unexplained cataclysm. Everyone is starving, some are cannibals, none can be trusted. They're on their way to the coast because...because the father has told the son that everything's better on the coast.

They have run-ins with different people. The son wants to be trusting and kind, but the father teaches him survival (if this movie has any redemption for mankind, it is this hint that kindness and empathy is at least a natural quality in children).

It's a great movie, amazingly shot, hypnotically scored, perfectly acted. Probably the best movie I never want to see again.

Running time: 111 minutes. My Total Minutes (unofficial): 165,323 (note, I've adjusted the total by adding the specific minutes for the films I've seen in 2010. 2005-2009 are still estimated as 90*number of movies)

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