Friday, January 8, 2010

Jason reviews 2009, by the numbers

Back by popular demand (in that one person left a comment asking for it)! First, the movies per day:

Max is just 7 movies a day. Pfft, I can do that in my sleep (and probably did, partially).

But here's the important stuff, the histogram and the total:

First, that total, 442 movies. Yeah, that's a new record. More importantly, if you look you'll see there were 164 days when I didn't see any movie. That means a whopping 201 days that I saw at least one movie. That's the first time I've seen movies on more than 50% of the days of the year [Correction, I did that last year, too, but just barely]. I've managed to get above a 1 movie/day average by seeing on average more than 2 movies per day when I do see them. This year, I averaged 2.19 movies per day that I saw a movie. In 2007 (my previous record for totals, the average was 2.36). So my movie-watching had more total volume, but spread out over more days.

Anyway, this is what the rolling average looks like, compared to previous years.

And just looking at it, I'm exhausted. I should get some sleep.

Oh, and if you wanna know what my favorite movie of 2009 was...well, so do I. Do I look like I have time to pick the best one out of 442 films?


Dan said...

I was thinking that I might catch you in 2009 but it was pipe dream all along. I don't have the precise total at my disposal this moment but I ended 2009 having seen ~340 films which is a record for me.

I wonder how much overlap there is among our films. I would think between my 340 and your 442, there are ~100 films that show up on both lists.

The most impressive stat is that there were 32 days were you saw 4 or more films.

Maybe you should start tracking your costs as well. I averaged less that $7 per film.

puppymeat said...

I wouldn't know how to count my costs. For example, I donated to Cinequest at a level that got me a pass to see everything. But buying the pass would've been cheaper. And then I got a press pass, so I could see everything for free, and made my pass a "travelling" pass for anyone to use. Should I count that as $0 for all of Cinequest, or the price of the pass, or the amount I actually donated?

No, my new thing is tracking the exact minutes I spend watching movies (the programmed movies only, not previews, ads, etc.) And I'm going back and calculating that for previous years, too. All the way back to 2005, when I officially started logging every movie I see. I'm looking to hit 1,000,000 minutes before I die.