Friday, January 29, 2010

Jason announces a fantastic Cinequest pass giveaway

So I just got confirmation that I will have a press pass for Cinequest this year (the big 20th anniversary). And like last year, I also donated at a level that gets me an all-festival pass (specifically, a VIP Pass that gets me into every film, every event, and every party). Last year, I gave that pass away as a "travelling pass"--use it, write what you saw, and pass it on. That was half successful. I know a lot of people used it, because I saw it full of comments on the final weekend, but it never got back to me at the end. Some would call that completely unsuccessful, but I'll count it as half-successful. Anyway, I'm trying a new way to do it this year.

This year I've decided to give away the pass to just one person, but someone I know will write about what they see. If you are that lucky person, you may keep the pass to yourself or pass it among friends (or even strangers). The only rule is, as before, you must note everything you (or your friends) saw. And you/they must write opinions of some of the movies you see . I don't plan to provide a notepad this year, as my old one never reappeared. So bring your own. Better yet, just post your opinions to, or e-mail them to me and I'll post them. If you do keep a physical notebook, just give it to me at the end of the festival and I'll scan/transcribe them online (depending on my energy and your handwriting)

So now how do you win this pass? Easy, just e-mail me with your reviews of at least two movies you saw last year. I'll pick a winner. The idea is I want to give it to someone who can can show that he or she can write movie reviews and is willing to do it in exchange for a pass (really, the idea is that more people should be like me). You can send me more than two reviews, and it might increase your chances (unless they suck. I don't need any competition on the quantity over quality front). My fellow bloggers are welcome to enter, however my idea is really to challenge new people to put their opinions out there, so I'll probably be biased against well-established bloggers. Besides, if you already blog and want to cover Cinequest, you could just e-mail the publicity office and ask for your own press pass.

Anyway, let the contest begin!

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