Friday, January 8, 2010

Jason falls into a Vortex and sees BLUE SUNSHINE

Last Thursday I was back at my favorite little underground film cult, the Vortex Room.

There was a double feature, but I only stuck around for the first film, BLUE SUNSHINE. In seemingly unrelated incidents, people very suddenly lose their hair and then go psychotic and kill each other. Jerry (soft-core porn king Zalman King, looking an awful lot like Sean Penn) is accused of the murders at one party, and to clear his name he has to find out the truth. Turns out they were all classmates at Stanford 10 years before, and all took a certain type of acid called Blue Sunshine. Pretty wacky.

Running Time: 89 minutes (note, since I'm not sure what version was screened, I'll use the shortest version listing in I don't want to cheat on the minutes)

My Total Minutes (unofficial): 165,412

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