Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jason watches G.I. JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA

And (with one glaring spoilerific exception) it wasn't the disappointment I expected. In fact, it was mostly very enjoyable. And it's one of the movies I've decided not to write too much about. I guess if you want to find opinions on this movie, you'll just have to look everywhere else on the Internet.

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baceman007 said...

We both found this movie to be boring. Still it was better than we expected. We gave it 2 stars out of 5. As far as movies based on our childhood toys and cartoons go, especially the Hasbro stuff, it was better than Transformers. Still, just like Transformers, the director took some real liberty redefining the characters, especially the Baroness. The funniest thing about this PG-13 movie, and both Transformers movies are no exception here, is how the MPAA actually makes up bullshit standards when it comes to violence so that these movies can get PG-13 ratings. This movie is way violent, sure there isn't gore, but there is a ton of violence. So they redefined it to general mayhem. I'm sure, overall, a soft core sex scene would have been less damaging, but then we wouldn't be able to use a movie like this to brainwash kids to go into the military.... Anyway, Transformers redefined it's obscene amount of violence with something like "general sci-fi violence." Again, just further evidence that the MPAA exists to serve itself first, the big 7 second, and of course screw over independent film makers third. I'm giving up on the ratings system, not that I gave it much stock in the first place... Still this redefinition of violence is actually more dangerous than violence with gore. In fact, it's irresponsible to show this level of violence, and not show the real results, like missing limbs. It makes you consider conspiracy theories where the military, government, MPAA and picture houses work together to get our youth to kill stuff without really thinking. It's almost as irresponsible as not showing what tank shells do after they are fired, like we do on our nightly news. Did you know with most movies like this that get help from the government the Pentagon demands 5 scripts to basically re-write to show the military in a good light. If you don't do this good luck getting the planes, etc. that you need to make your film realistic. Basically you can't financially afford to show the military in a bad light unless you're a huge director, and you're probably not one if you don't play ball. Actually I think I'm going to change my rating to a 1 now that I've sat down and thought about it. Plus the writing was just awful. No Joe!