Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jason goes to Jewfest North and sees some Rockin' Puppet Mayhem!

For the first time I can remember since I started attending the SFJFF (about 7 or 8 years now), they've done a program on a Friday night, encouraging their audience to come to a show instead of staying home and having Sabbath dinner with your family. Fine by me, I'm by no means religious.

The Puppet Folk Revival is already a huge hit in Israel, with their TV show Red Band and their unique mix of foul-mouthed puppets and folk music. They're led by Red, a big purple guy (named Red because his mother was color blind and his father was a vindictive bastard) and his paranoid drug-dealing rat named Phillip who threatened to kill all us "white motherfuckers". They put on a damn good show that moved with along at a fast clip with a healthy mix of somewhat offensive jokes and folk rock standards. There are many more puppets than just Red and Phillip, and the three-man team made the transitions as best as they could (while making self-deprecating jokes about it the whole time). The live show was broken up with a short video, which included a recap of Red's difficult life, but the live show was definitely where all the energy was. And it was pretty fuckin' awesome.

Oh yeah, this was their sort-of-official U.S. premiere (although they've played a few very underground shows in New York before), and they pretty much rocked Cellspace. Oh yeah, and the other thing I learned that night was He'brew (The Chosen Beer) Messiah Bold is pretty damn good.

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