Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jason slips into a Vortex for RACE WITH THE DEVIL and WICKER MAN

So of course since I was at the Vortex Room, I had to fill myself with martinis to the point where I don't actually remember much.

RACE WITH THE DEVIL--Peter Fonda witnesses a murder by a Satanic cult. He reports it to the sheriff, who does nothing. So he and his friends and family continue their vacation. The cult appears and terrorizes them. Kills his dog, I believe.

THE WICKER MAN--This is the original, not the Nicolas Cage remake that I'm trying to forget ever happened. And it's one of my favorite movies ever. Especially when I go to Burning Man (I leave in a week). I always think how much better the Man would be if he were crammed full of a cop and other farm animals.

And then somewhere around Friday afternoon I shook off my hangover. Thanks for the ride home, Ira. I owe you (again).

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