Saturday, August 15, 2009

Jason goes to the Hypnodrome for some PEARLS OVER SHANGHAI

And the Thrillpeddlers have out-outrageoused themselves again. This time by reviving the Cockettes gender-bending comic sex farce set in 1937 China.

There are sailors on leave, innocent singing girls, Chinese gangsters, Chinese peasants, Chinese whores, Russian whores, love-struck millionaires (okay, just one of those), and lording over it all, Mother Fu (Thrillpeddlers fearless leader Russell Blackwood).

There are outrageous costumes (even more than any previous Thrillpeddlers show), drag quuens, innuendo coming out your end-o, sadists, masochists, partial nudity, more-than-partial nudity (warning to any squares--that includes male nudity), lights-out hallucinations, and singing. Oh, so much singing. The Thrillpeddlers haven't done this much music in their shows before. The songs are funny, and they keep everything moving very, very briskly, but you can tell the troupe has practiced acting a lot more than they've practiced singing.

And it's funny. It's hilarious. And even if you've seen everything else the Thrillpeddlers have done before, you haven't seen anything like this. And it even has a moral.

Oh yeah, and this was supposed to be the closing weekend, but the show has been such a hit that their held over until September 20th! So 5 more weeks for all y'all to go out and get some culture.

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