Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jason slips into a Vortex for PSYCHOMANIA and DIVINE EMANUELLE: LOVE CULT

The Vortex room was rocking last Thursday and I was there. And this time, I stayed more or less lucid--just one martini and one beer. Probably had something to do with how I was still nursing a hangover from the night before. Anyway, on to the movies.

PSYCHOMANIA: A motorcycle gang in England called "The Living Dead" finds the secret to immortality. You just have to kill yourself and truly believe you will come back. And most of them do, and they become a little more than the annoying punk thugs they were before. It all has to do with the power of guitar, motorcycles, and frogs.

Which reminds me of the Japanese TV show they played to lead into the movie. I'm not sure what it was called, but a nice guy who plays guitar turns into a cyborg and battles an evil giant frog who is made entirely of land mines. It left with a cliffhanger, and they eventually played the next episode at the end of the night, but I was beat and had to leave.

DIVINE EMANUELLE: LOVE CULT. I think it's an "Emanuelle" movie solely on the basis of starring Laura Gemser. She plays The Divine One, the leader of cult (okay, sex cult). Dorian is her top acolyte/moneymaker, and he's seduced the daughter of a Senator. That might just cure the cult's money problems. Of course, anyone can leave the cult at any time, but they will be killed by oily, muscly Tanga and thrown down a pit. Little plot, tons of nudity, badly simulated sex, hilarious.

And that's that.


Erk Schmerk said...

Well, how can you not be excited about an Emanuelle movie with bad active of coitus? Especially with oiled up death-dealers.

Hey, did you know that your blog is now on the "bad" list for websense? They must have rated you as "dangerous" for some reason, and now I'm blocked from work...

puppymeat said...

Dangerous, eh?

I'm going to assume it's because of my extensive coverage of Jewfest. That and my raving about INGLORIOUS BASTERDS probably indicates I'm getting a bit too uppity.

Perfect Timing said...