Saturday, November 15, 2008

Jason watches "Changeling"

And it's a big meaty slice of Oscar-bait, including a reference to the Academy Awards of 1935. And if there's one man I'd pay to Oscar-bait in front of me, it's Clint Eastwood. Still, this is not his best work. It's just so over-the-top emotional Lifetime movie material blown up on the big screen. Sure, it's based on a true story, but somehow it still doesn't seem realistic. Mostly because the mannerisms of 1930's Los Angeles seem unreal. And also because Angelina Jolie still can't act. She's pretty and all, and makes a valiant effort here, but lost whatever she had when she won the award for best supporting actress in "Girl, Interrupted".

Or maybe I'm just jaded. They say actresses win awards for crying and actors win awards for not crying. She does both at various times, so maybe she's a shoe-in. Or maybe it looks so much like asking for an award that she and the whole movie come off as desperate. Anyway, John Malkovich was cool as the radio preacher/anti-corruption crusader who takes up her cause. Oh yeah, I guess I should mention the plot. Angelina Jolie's son is kidnapped, the police bring her one who looks kind of like him, and throw her in the psycho ward when she insists he's not her son. Again, based on a true story.

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