Friday, November 7, 2008

Jason has a magic suit that makes him immune to radiation!

You know what the difference is between me and you? I make this look good:

This suit is made out of Demron, which as near as I can tell is a complicated mix of science (they use words like "polymer" and "nano") and magic (they won't publish the specs_. But it's been tested by the military, so it must be good!
The goggles and gloves are 0.5 mm Pb equivalent. That's good. Not shown are the neck and gonad shields, since their still on order. It's sort of flattering to know that someone, somewhere, is specially constructing a product to protect my balls.


baceman007 said...

That's a cool suit man, but I think that the fact that the company expects you to wear it basically on faith, meaning that they won't release the specs for your review, is lame. I mean if your products are really good you should be able to tell everyone how they're made and still sell them because people that need them will still want them. Still allow me to draw a parallel to computing. The recent popularity of Apple, even as their policies become more fascist and their products worse, show that people support companies that aren't transparent as long as their stuff looks cool and the company promises that they're good. Of course they may not deliver on that promise, but Apple users often blindly follow this advice therefore shooting themselves in the foot. They trust the company that makes the product regardless of independent reports, kind of like, "More Doctors Smoke Camels." Still I must say that's a good looking suit, almost the iPod of suits. Let's hope that it's more like a 1st gen iPod than the recent iPod classic with the record number of HDD failures :). Anyway, lack of transparency is lame so I hope you don't end up getting a 3rd testicle, unless it's fully functional then you should totally procreate like there's no tomorrow.

Dadmaniac said...

Good news about your balls! Maybe they could use that suit in "Idiocracy 2" for the Ow, My Balls tv show. They could cut out the gonadal shield and then use intense radiation. Can you say, "Ow! My Balls?"