Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jason has disciples, apparently

At least according to this blog post from Dan.

I wonder if this is how religions get started?

When I first read this, at first I was kind of flattered, then I didn't think much of it (I don't consider myself a leader, just another audience member who has welcomed/encouraged other people to enjoy the front row). I thought about commenting and identifying my disciples and anyone else I knew by name, but Dan only allows comments by team members.

Then I happened to run into one of the people described in this post who thought it was creepy. It got me thinking a bit more. I've put myself out there on the Internet, so I don't mind if others talk about me. But as far as I know these other people don't have blogs or websites or anything like that (let me know if you do, I'll link to it). And I wouldn't really like it if someone was writing on the Internet that I was "shifty looking", even if I wasn't identified by name (actually, I'd laugh at that, but I could see how other people would be bothered). Now I'm kind of glad I didn't identify anyone.

Anyway, I allow posting by anyone (even anonymous posting, at least until I get enough spam to change that setting), so if anyone wants to identify themselves, they can do that here. For that matter, if anyone wants to anonymously bitch out Dan for writing about them, feel free to do that here, too.

And for the record, I don't refer to anyone as my disciple. Those who sit with me in the front row I call "The Front Row Crew" (or FRC, which I mentally pronounce "Freak"). If I'm the de facto leader it's only because I have less of a life than any of them, or because I'm goofier looking, or because I'm selfish and always grab the exact center seat (at the Roxie, my fat ass has actually pushed this seat down slightly more than the other seats--it's actually more comfortable to sit in front row +/- 1 seat off center). I guess those are as good as any reason to choose a leader.

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Anonymous said...

So if I bring water to Dead Channels can you change it to Guinness?