Friday, August 22, 2008

Jason watches "Pineapple Express"

My neck has been hurting me the past couple of days. I just realized why--I haven't watched a movie in almost a week! Turns out, it's important for my posture that I sit in front row center and crane my neck upwards for at least a couple of hours for a day or two a week.

Well, my neck is all better now, and as a bonus I got to watch a pretty entertaining movie. It's fair to describe it--as so many critics have--as a stoner action flick. It's also a very homoerotic story about the friendship between a pot smoker and a pot dealer. Seth Rogen as Dale Denton plays the customer, who early on rants about dealers who want to be your friend. For him it's a (cordial) business relationship. James Franco is Saul, the pot dealer with a heart of gold (he started dealing to get his grandma into a better nursing home). No need to rehash the plot, you get all you need from the trailer. I will say although it is absolutely full of pot, it's accessible enough to be funny to a guy who rarely smokes and usually prefers to laugh at those who are way more high than him. I assume it would also be funny to heavy pot smokers...because everything is funny to them.

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