Monday, August 18, 2008

Jason goes to the Hypnodrome for some Thrillpeddlers Theater of the Ridiculous

I need to make a resolution--go to the Thrillpeddlers shows before the final weekend, so that I can tell you all how awesome they are while you still have a chance to catch them. Better yet, why don't you all just assume that the Thrillpeddlers will always put on a good show, and you should always see them.

The night started out with one of my favorite things--a sing-along of "Bohemian Rhapsody" on the player piano. Always nice.

Then a little guide to manners for teenage girls, read by a man dressed up as a doll, being whipped by a girl. Cool.

Then the main feature, Charles Busch's "Theodora: She-Bitch of Byzantium", a hilarious combination of drag acts, revenge, and palace intrigue. Theodora is an ex-circus performer (and performer of less wholesome acts) who's climbed up the social ladder to marry Emperor Justinian. However, it's a loveless marriage--because Justinian prefers to stick peacock feathers up the ass of his male slave. Said slave is actually married to his own sister, and they're the children of the previous monarch whom Justinian conquered and killed. While they plot vengeance, Theodora looks for advice from the gypsy queen Fata Morgana. To do so, she sneaks out of the palace dressed as a boy. Fata gives her a love potion, but it backfires causing her (still dressed as a boy) to fall in love with a gypsy man who is plotting to sneak into the palace and murder Justinian. And wacky hijinx ensue, ending in many hilarious deaths. A good time is had by all (maybe even the dead people).

Then a little break, to get more beer.

Then we all enjoyed the musical stylings of dark seductress Jill Tracy, including a song dedicated to the recently discovered Bigfoot called "You Leave Me Cold" (as in, you make me shiver).

Then another sing-along, this time to Oom-pa-pa, which is always a good time (especially if you've got a beer to help you sing along).

And then the second play, "Jack and the Beanstalk". Not the kids story, this is the adult version, where the butcher ends up marrying the cow and Jack ends up marrying the giantess. Yeah, it's ridiculous and perverse, and if you're at Burning Man find it Friday night in center camp (at like, 1:30 am or something).

And then one last Jill Tracy song, ending with lights-out frights.

And that was one hell of a night. As I said, unfortunately their summer run is over. Look for their Shocktoberfest in...I guess Shocktober. And if you're at Burning Man, find the Thrillpeddlers at camp Flaming Sin at 9:30 and Esplanade.

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