Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jason mourns the loss of Kelly Bundy's boobs

Aparrently three weeks ago Christina Applegate went under the knife for a prophylactic double mastectomy. But...but...but...I grew up with those boobs! I mean, not dying of breast cancer is great for her, but don't my fond adolescent reminiscences count for anything? I guess I'll always have my memories, if not her mammaries. Hah!

Seriously, here's wishing her the best of health and luck in the future. I think she got typecast as the dumb blond from "Married With Children", but in the few interviews I've seen/read of her, she seems much smarter and a better actress than she gets credit for. Plus she let Donnie Darko masturbate to her (after Alyssa Milano refused). With that and her jokes about how after reconstructive surgery she'll have indestructible boobs that will be the envy of her nursing home, she's pretty cool.

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