Sunday, October 14, 2007

Jason slips into the Vortex and sees "Queen of Blood"

So the good people behind Dead Channels and Cosmic Hex also run The Vortex Room, and they're hosting a series of screenings all month leading up to Halloween. Doors at 9, movies at 10, sliding scale $5-10.

So last night I went to the first screening, the laughably god-awful 60's sci-fi craptacular, "Queen of Blood". Released in 1966 (but re-using the special effects scenes from a 1960 Russian film), it tells of the terrifying future of 1990 (to their credit, they totally nailed the cafeteria trays we'd use in the future--eerie!), when an alien vampire queen attacks and Basil Rathbone, John Saxon, and a really, really young Dennis Hopper have to save the world. It takes waaay too long for the Queen of Blood to actually do anything, and by that time I was waaaay to drunk to care.

In other words, I had a blast! Next week is James Brolin in "The Car", can't wait!

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