Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Jason gives away a fee DVD!

So I was expecting this to happen sooner or later, but Film Movement, the DVD-of-the-month club of all festival award-winning movies finally sent me a DVD of a movie I've not only already seen, but liked enough that I already got an import DVD of it. The movie in question is "Adam's Apples", which after a lengthy festival run featured at the 1st annual Wiener Family Film Festival last December and actually made a brief theatrical run in art-house theaters in this area.

So anyway, I have an extra DVD of a movie I already own, so I'm giving it away. Here are the rules: It's a contest of how well you remember every damn thing I've written--or of how well you can use the search box at the top of the page. "Adam's Apples" is a Danish film starring a famous Danish actor whom I'm a big fan of. Just leave a comment in this post stating:
  1. The name of the actor--spelled correctly!
  2. The titles of at least two movies he has starred in--other than "Adam's Apples" which I have seen on the big screen. (Note that it's not enough to look up his filmography on IMDb, you must list two movies I've seen on the big screen, not just two movies he's done.)
The winning entry will get to choose between my old Swedish version of the DVD (with English subtitles, but you need a code-free DVD player) or the Film Movement version, which also contains the short "Clara" from Australia, directed by Van Sowerwine. Ummm...actually I haven't seen the short. Okay, the Film Movement version will probably be unwrapped and viewed once, so I can see that short first.

Oh yeah, and if no one even tries, I'll be really depressed.


Unknown said...

1. Mads Mikkelsen
2. "Prague" and "Casino Royale"

puppymeat said...

That is correct, contest over!

By the way, for 2. I would've also accepted "The Green Butchers" and "Wilbur (Wants to Kill Himself)".

Dadmaniac said...

Drat...I'm late as usual. Just catching up on my reading! You'd think Adam's Apple would have gone out to the Wiener Patriarch. That's what I get for being late.

puppymeat said...

Sorry dad-dude. But I see you've signed up for e-mail updates of jasonwatchesmovies, so you shouldn't any future contests (if there are any)!

Dadmaniac said...

I'm waiting with "abated" breath.