Friday, January 20, 2017

Jason goes to SVJFF--November 19

Two more. Still blasting out quickie reviews.

RABIN, THE LAST DAY: Amos Gatai's latest explores the fateful day in 1995. I'll never forget that the closest we've ever been to an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal was cut short by a Jewish assassin's bullet killing a Jewish head of state. In this unblinking, terrifying docudrama, Gatai goes into extensive detail to show this not as the product of one lone angry Jew, but as a product of a long campaign of hate from religious and political extremists on the Israeli right. Powerful, and deeply depressing.

So after that, I needed a good laugh. Something light. And that light something was MR. PREDICTABLE, an Israeli romantic comedy about a good boy who always followed the rules, but when he gets a fatal prognosis (mistaken, of course) and meets a charming free-spirited woman, he starts getting out of his comfort zone and enjoying what life he has left. Predictable maybe, formulaic a bit. But it was fun, and that was what I needed after the first film.

Total Running Time: 259 minutes
My Total Minutes: 438,449

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