Thursday, January 19, 2017

Jason goes to Holehead--Closing Night

Still doing an overdue data dump. So apologies for super-quick reviews.

DRUGS IN THE TENDERLOIN: This 1966 documentary gets down and dirty, but real and sympathetic with the denizens of the Tenderloin district of SF. And it was a pretty amazing little treat.

BEYOND THE GATES: A celebration of the bygone era of videotapes, and especially VCR board games, with a Jumanji-like twist. Two brothers meet at their missing father's video store. They play the game, they get sucked in, and adventure commences. With a special appearance by Barbara Crampton (THE RE-ANIMATOR) who was there in person to talk about the film afterwards. A pretty great way to end the 2016 version of Another Hole in the Head.

Total Running Time: 159 minutes
My Total Minutes: 437,472

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