Saturday, January 28, 2017

Jason goes to Noir City--Day 4

I had a very early meeting on Tuesday, so I only stuck around for one film on Monday. But I can't say no to Kubrick, so I had to see...

THE KILLING (1956): Early Kubrick, already showing a mastery and vision that helped him redefine what is possible in cinema. Sterling Hayden plays the lead--the leader of gang of thieves who plan a daring robbery of a racetrack. A narrator explains the complicated chronology, as this movie jumps around in time and repeat scenes. Most notably, in the grand, complicated heist itself, that day is repeated from the view of all the main players in the heist. Which is an excellent way to give the audience an omniscient perspective one little piece at a time, and without some forced scene of the crooks around the table explaining the plan. It also allows it to be carried off with grace and comedy. But as exquisitely as everything is planned, there are always little pieces you can't account for. Like a meddling wife, or a little yapping dog. Like in practically all these movies, pulling off the heist is one thing, but escaping with the loot proves impossible. And in this case, in one of the most beautifully cinematic "fail" moments ever.

Running Time: 85 minutes
My Total Minutes: 414,433

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