Friday, January 20, 2017

Jason goes to SVJFF--November 15

Still catching up, so still dumping way-too-brief capsule reviews.

First up was FEVER AT DAWN, which I had previously seen at Cinequest. So just read my review here. The one thing I'll add upon watching the movie a second time--the first time I thought Lili's jealous roommate who sabotages their affair was just a bitch. The second time, I felt more sympathy for her. See, she survived the Holocaust with Lili, and in some way their friendship was what kept her alive. She was still clinging to that, and terrified to death of losing Lili. For some reason, that resonated with me more the second time.

PARTNER WITH THE ENEMY: A great documentary about two women--one Israeli, one Palestinian--who start an import/export business to help get Palestinian goods across the border to customers in Israel. Of course they have to navigate the strict border controls, and authorities on both sides of the border. And they have to navigate being women in a traditionally male business. And when conflicts arise, they have to navigate the fact that they really are on opposite sides of the conflict, and struggle to keep their friendship and partnership intact. Very interesting.

Total Running Time: 170 minutes
My Total Minutes: 437,977

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