Friday, January 20, 2017

Jason goes to SVJFF--November 16

More catching up, so still brief. Which is a shame because this one deserves more.

A TALE OF LOVE AND DARKNESS: Based on Amos Oz's book, which in turn is based on Amos Oz's life, and the writing/directing debut for Natalie Portman, who also plays the role of his mother. It's beautifully told, with...well, like the title and darkness. It's about Amos's childhood, the early years of Israel, and his mother. And his mother's depression. Very moving.

Amos Oz was there for a reception before the movie and a Q and A session afterward. And as a secret bonus treat, the film was introduced by the director herself, Natalie Portman, who was fantastic. But she had to fly off right after and wasn't around for the Q and A.

Running Time: 97 minutes
My Total Minutes: 438,074

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