Monday, May 9, 2011

Jason watches THOR in IMAX 3D

And it's fun. Chris Hemsworth must've been a saint in his past life to get an iconic role as a god in a story with accents of King Arthur and Jesus Christ (spoiler). This'll either make him a star or be the only memorable thing he ever does. Meanwhile Kenneth Branagh takes a break from doing nothing that anyone really cares about for a decade to make a light, fun, and funny comic book movie. More than anything, what struck me is Thor's unrelenting positiveness. He has this Norse god cheerfulness that isn't diminished in the slightest when he's stripped of his power and becomes mortal. Nobody loves being Thor more than Thor.

And that's it. Fun, funny, probably not too consequential. And I have no interest in being the thousandth person to write about it. So I end here.

Running Time: 114 minutes
My Total Minutes: 235,643

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