Monday, May 9, 2011

Jason hosts Bad Movie Night--COLOR OF NIGHT

Let me just say that quite a few Bad Movies are actually kind of fun. They can be enjoyed on their own terms, but are also fun to make fun of (e.g., FOXY BROWN). But COLOR OF NIGHT really is very, very, very, sincerely bad.

Anyway, it's Bruce Willis month, and why couldn't I have hosted a good Bruce Willis movie, like...okay, I can't think of one, but they're pretty much all better than this. Willis plays a psychiatrist whose patient kills herself, and the sight of the blood renders him colorblind. If only it could've rendered me colorblind...without the color part. It's got a hell of a cast--Brad Dourif, Lance Henriksen, Scott Bakula (who wisely gets killed as quickly as he can), Lesley Ann Warren...not that any of them would admit to it if they have any self respect left. Oh, and you get to see Bruce Willis' penis. That's not a selling point.

Running Time: 121 minutes
My Total Minutes: 235,764

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