Monday, May 30, 2011

Jason goes to bad movie night and watches SURROGATES

Thank god Bruce Willis month is finally over. Now if only they could invent a robot that could've watched this movie for me.

I need to review this about as much as anyone needs to see it. Don't bother, just watch all other sci-fi movies ever made, it steals from all of them. Here's a hint to tell if you're watching SURROGATES. Check to see if there's a single original idea in the movie. If the answer is, "yes" then no, you're not watching SURROGATES.

Running Time: 89 minutes
My Total Minutes: 237,066


Perfect Timing said...

And lest we not forget:

James Cromwell has invented


puppymeat said...

My second favorite James Cromwell invention: a really, really clever pig.

My favorite James Cromwell invention: really, really clever bacon.