Thursday, March 6, 2008

Jason goes to Cinequest--Day 8

Approaching the second weekend marathon, then the end is in sight. Three more movies Wednesday night. Here we go.

First off was "Enlightened Blood", a very strange metaphysical Mexican drama. 6 lives are shared by an odd, unexplained phenomena that is related to a locket they all wear. In the beginning a man--just days after his 35th birthday (theme!)--faints. He wakes up as an 8 year old boy, with some memories of both of their lives. This happens over and over, as they become different men (and a woman). It's an interesting question about personal identity and memory, but honestly I think I went into it with the wrong expectations. I expected more of an adventure/thriller centering on why it's happening. Instead it's an odd drama that didn't really pick up until near the end when most of the people experiencing this meet and discuss their experiences--things like "I remember that, but did it happen to me or to me as you?" It also is fully of imagery about crossroads and religion. I have a distinct feeling like it's one of those movies where if I went in with the right expectations, I'd enjoy it a lot more. As it was, I was kind of let down.

Next up was the black and white French animated anthology "Fear(s) of the Dark". This is one of those movies where the more some people dislike it, the more I like it. It's supposed to make you uncomfortable. Six French animators collaborated to tell stories from their nightmares, and like any anthology, there's a range in how effective they are. I really liked the first two, about the guy who's girlfriend turns into a praying mantis, and the Japanese girl who is haunted by the ghost of a murderous samurai. Also the interspersed story of the man walking vicious dogs that tear people to shreds. Very cool. But I think what I like the most is the interludes of simple geometric shapes with voice-over of French people talking about what scares them. Turns out, French people are really afraid that they're not liberal enough. Who knew?

Then I took a little break to get liquored up at the Vault at a party put on by White Knuckle Entertainment. Thanks for the free wine, guys!

Perhaps I shouldn't have had quite so much wine, because it made it a little hard to focus through the final film, "Konyec". It's a delightful crowd-pleasing comedy that's best described as Hungary's septuagenarian answer to "Bonnie and Clyde". Emil and Hedi are an old retired couple, but their pension can't even cover their daily food. So they start robbing banks, and int he process become media stars and heroes to the nation. It was just charming, absolutely fun and charming.


Pischina said...

Today I watched "The Metrosexual" and though it was disappointing, there was at least one birthday in it.
Then I saw "Young Single and Angry" and there was another birthday.
And "Glory Boy Days", another birthday.

Thankfully there was no teethbrushing that I noticed in any of them.


puppymeat said...

I saw "Young, Single and Angry", too. It starts with a Birthday. I missed "Metrosexual" and "Glory Boy Days", though.

"The End" doesn't have an explicit birthday, but it takes place on Halloween--my birthday! It's also my favorite so far, although it's really, really weird. See it, and if you don't like the big twist halfway through, go ahead walk out.