Monday, October 22, 2012

Jason watches THE THING: LIVE!

Hey, last Friday was a double-dip night of films adapted to the stage at the Dark Room. After THE FIFTH ELEMENT: LIVE! I was pretty amazed at how quickly they turned it around for THE THING: LIVE!, based, of course, on John Carpenter's classic film (like usual, it helps a lot but isn't entirely necessary to know the film all that well.)

Unlike THE FIFTH ELEMENT: LIVE!, which had a good four shows under their belt already, this was opening night of THE THING: LIVE! Add to that the fact that a bust water main and flooded theater sort of disrupted their dress rehearsal chances, and I can charitably say that I expect the acting (particularly just the details of getting the lines and the cues right) to improve later in their run (hopefully I can make it to one of their later shows to confirm that.) But I will say that they generally got the atmosphere of paranoia and mistrust right. And for a low-budget micro-stage adaptation, I was pretty impressed with their special effects (even if the doctor didn't know a liver from an intestine.) And I really admire their courage in working with a dog onstage. Live animals can always be unpredictable so they took a bit of a risk there and it payed off.

THE THING: LIVE! has just started its brief (6-night) run. It plays again at the following times:
Thursday, Oct. 25th at 8:00 pm
Friday, Oct. 26th at 10:00 pm
Friday, Nov. 2nd at 10:00 pm
Saturday, Nov. 3rd at 10:00 pm

Advanced tickets are available through Brown Paper Tickets.
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