Monday, October 22, 2012


Last Friday I got to the Dark Room really early to make sure I wouldn't miss one of the last chances to see their latest comic adaptation of a cult movie from the big screen to the small stage. As it happened, a friend ended up with an extra ticket and I didn't need to stand in front of the door two hours early eating a burrito and chatting with passers-by. So I guess I just did that for the fun of it. And, of course, to support small, independent, local theater. And especially to support Tim Kay, a longtime Dark Room actor who made the silly suggestion to adapt THE FIFTH ELEMENT and then accepted the challenge of writing and directing it himself.

Anyway, THE FIFTH ELEMENT: LIVE! lives up to the spirit of the movie, with all the cheesy plot, outrageous characters, and strategically placed thermal bandages of the original. And it squeezes it into the intimate Dark Room stage and somehow still maintains the goofy, galactic scope. A good knowledge of the movie isn't exactly necessary, but certainly helps with a lot of the jokes.

And most importantly, Ruby Rhod is still annoying (intentionally so) when played by a white guy. This might be the first time I've gone to the Dark Room and concluded I was less racist than previously thought. So that's something!

THE FIFTH ELEMENT: LIVE plays two more night, next Friday and Saturday nights (October 26th and 27th) at 8:00 pm. There are no advanced tickets left, but they always sell a handful (some with partially obstructed view) at the door the night of the show. I can't guarantee anything, but I'd recommend showing up at 7:00 (doors open at 7:30) and you'll probably get in.
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