Sunday, February 11, 2018

Jason guess to Indiefest--Day 5

Catching up slowly. Two more last Monday.

First up was Shorts 1: What You Don’t Know About Me.
TWO STRANGERS WHO MEET FIVE TIMES: Over the course of a life, two strangers learn a bit about prejudice and being kind to your fellow man.
TWENTY MINUTES: A 30 year old man with Asperger's syndrome is moving out to his own apartment. It's only 20 minutes away from home, but it's still a big step.
COUNTERFEIT KUNKOO: From India, the story of a woman escaping from an abusive marriage and the difficulty in that culture for a woman living on her own.
NEW NEIGHBORS: A black family moves into an all-white neighborhood. So the mom, always looking out for them, goes door to door to introduce themselves and assure everyone they live in the neighborhood so don't call the cops if you see them hanging around. A pretty uncomfortable way to approach the realities of racism (of course, not as uncomfortable as dying because of racism.)
SEVEN MINUTES TO CLOSING: If an asteroid is on its way to Earth and we're all doomed, how would you spend your final minutes? Looting? Getting drunk? Pricing candy in your convenience store?
OUTLINES: A teenage girl meets her dad's prostitute, and has an interesting heart-to-heart talk.

And then the feature, BLACK CAT, a spoof on true-crime documentaries. New evidence reopens an old case about a car crash that killed a popular actor/director. Duke Moody, an inept childish wannabe filmmaker is making a documentary about it (and has been stalking the suspect for years.) Throw in an obsessed cop who is sure that this chuckle-fuck did it. And then throw in a protective new girlfriend.... well, protective isn't the right word. More like...psychotic. Especially when she learns the truth. It makes for a pretty funny and exciting 50 minute ride. Unfortunately the movie is 85 minutes long. A lot of fun, but another example of what I call a "feature length short"--which are pretty common for independent film festivals. 

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