Saturday, February 24, 2018

Jason goes to Indiefest--Day 9

Catching up from a couple of weeks ago. Two movies...whatever night this was

First up was RABBIT from Australia, billed as Outback Noir. It starts with a cool premise--twin sisters (both played by Adelaide Clemens,) one of whom has been missing for a long time, presumed dead. But the other one has vivid dreams that makes her believe her sister is alive and in trouble. So she tries to use her psychic link with her twin to track her down, and finds some really baddies who are torturing her. It's got gruesome bad guys, and a cool premise, but it never really came together for me. Maybe I was just too tired to appreciate the subtleties. Maybe I was miffed that despite the title there wasn't any freakin' bunny in it! But it ended up being kind of a disappointment.

Then the second show started with a short, WHEN I WAKE, a story that takes place shortly after the election of a horrible, traitorous President, who enacts public policies restricting women's freedom. Yeah, like that would ever happen.

And then the feature, TORMENTING THE HEN. A lesbian playwright and her girlfriend travel to a remote retreat, so she can work on her latest play. It's supposed to be a quiet, woodsy resort, a nice place for her to work and her girlfriend to take a vacation. But their neighbor is kind of a creeper. Not that he makes complete overt threats. Mostly he just...mows the lawn. He mows, and mows, and mows. Which is obviously a pretext to keep an eye on the girls, but it's never clear if he has evil intent or is just curious and somewhat autistic. But none of that really matters, since I snoozed through most of it anyway. My understanding is it's supposed to be making a statement about men's feeling of entitlement to enter spaces where women want to be left alone. But talking to a few of my female friends afterwards, they were also bored and kind of jealous of my nap.

Total Running Time: 187 minutes
My Total Minutes: 469,164

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