Monday, February 26, 2018

Jason goes to the Niles Film Museum to learn about HAUNTED WINE COUNTRY

Okay, this was actually a fundraiser for the wine country fires from last year, and I was already volunteering at the museum. So really I just stayed a bit longer to see this film from Tom Wyrsch.

I bet this would've been a lot more interesting if I believed in ghosts and spirits and all that stuff. As it was, it's a showcase of paranormal experts talking about the historic events (often gruesome murders) that led to the restless spirits still haunting the buildings. And that's the problem--it's mostly just people talking. Wyrsch gamely tries to add a little reenactment, some recreations of the hauntings. But the whole thing is just terribly un-cinematic. Probably a fun resource for a paranormal believer who's planning a trip to the area. But kind of boring for a skeptical film fan.

Running Time: 81 minutes
My Total Minutes: 470,682

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