Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Jason goes to Cinequest--Opening Night

My favorite drinking festival with a movie problem started up again last night, and of course this locally famous scientist-by-day with a bushy beard was there. Many hugs, laughs, and drinks at The Continental and then the opening night film.

William H. Macy was back at Cinequest for the third time (first time was receiving the Maverick Spirit Award at the top of the 4th Street Parking Garage in 20013, second was in 2006 with Stuart Gordon's EDMOND.) This time he directed the opening night film, KRYSTAL, and it was a delightful crowd-pleaser that left everyone I talked to excited about seeing more movies over the next two weeks. In other words, it was a great choice for opening night. The title character, Krystal, is played by another Maverick Spirit awardee, Rosario Dawson. She's a stripper, an alcoholic, and the object of the Tyler's (Nick Robinson) infatuation. In fact, even though he's led a sheltered life and never touched alcohol, he starts attending AA meetings just to be near her. Wacky hijinx ensue, of course, but with a beautiful human touch that takes absurd situations and makes them very real.

As always, I'm setting as much of my schedule as possible based on which filmmakers I've had drinks with. And opening night is a great time to set a bit of my schedule. Tonight I'll be seeing Nicolas Cage because I have actually had a drink at an event where he was in attendance, and I've decided for a star of his magnitude that's sufficient. Right afterwards I'm honor-bound by alcohol to see HIGH AND OUTSIDE: A BASEBALL NOIR.

In the coming days I must also see these films:

On Thursday, I'll be in Redwood City  for MR FISH: CARTOONING FROM THE DEEP END (or at least the short AUTOMATIC ON THE ROAD that precedes it)

Saturday I'm going to start with Shorts Program 7 and end with YOU CAN'T SAY NO and SEEDS (and then, I assume, TELL ME YOUR NAME, but only because they're the only midnight show, not because I drank with them.)

Sunday I will end with Shorts Program 3. Monday I must catch STATUS PENDING in Redwood City. Tuesday back in San Jose for Shorts Program 6. Next Wednesday I'll be back in Redwood City for THREESOMETHING.

And that's it so far. Not a bad opening night haul, but there's still lots of room left on my schedule for any filmmaker willing to tip one back with me (note, you do not have to drink alcohol, but I will.)

Finally, I do have to apologize if I seemed kind of low energy last night. I had a touch of food poisoning the night before, and spent more time on the toilet than in bed. I don't need to gross you out with the details, but let's just say I was on shart-alert status 4. I started feeling better once I had a few drinks. And I got some sleep last night. So I should be at my normal sleep-deprived energy level for the rest of the festival. I hope to see you there!

Running Time: 90 minutes
My Total Minutes: 471,100

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